I know this is a fashion blog and you clicked on the link to find out about my outfit and how I chose to style it, but before we get into the swing of things concerning the outfit, let me talk about the color red.

When you see a woman in red what are your first thoughts? My first thoughts border between sexiness and confidence since red is such an eye-catching colour, to wear red you must be very comfortable in your skin, you have this unfathomed confidence that rivals no other.

Red symbolizes the epitome of hot, raw sexiness. It is dangerous and captivating, you are sure to grab the attention you desire. If you can think of any movie you have watched, you will notice that when a woman is about to make a statement entrance or cause a distraction, she would usually be in a red dress. It is such an intense colour. It associated with enhanced libido, higher levels of energy and danger. Some would say a woman in red is a dangerous woman. “Beware of that woman as she is scarlet” It is also used as a metaphor for a loose woman, a woman with no sexual boundaries.

It is also linked to anger, “her eyes were red with anger”. It is also a colour used in emergency signs, stop signs and stoplights. Do you think wearing red makes you feel dangerous and daring?

When I picked the different elements of this outfit, I had one goal and that was to grab attention. There was no way I would wear this and not get a second look and trust I did. I also got unwanted attention from a fox, a real fox. It was the most hilarious experience and even just thinking about it, I am laughing my head off.

My cousin and I arrive at our picture location at around 11:45 pm, we have to wait this late, as this is our only free time, and just as I am about to get into my high heels is when I spot the fox.

“Isn’t that a fox I’m seeing?” I say to my cousin who is snapping away, trying to get the best light for our shoot.

“It is” she replies “But don’t worry, foxes are more afraid of us than we are of them” I look at her with my eyebrows raised,

“I don’t like foxes ohhh, I remember when I was living in Sutton if I came across them on the road I would cross to the other side”

“If it comes close, we’ll shoosh it and it will run away,” my cousin says still snapping,

“hmmm,” I reply, not totally convinced. I bend to continue putting my shoes on, eyes still on the fox as it makes its way towards us. I jump back scared for my life. It stops a few centimeters away from us

“Shoosh,” my cousin says shooshing the animal but it doesn’t budge but stares at us deadpan.

“Shoosh” she goes again and this time the fox moves towards us, we both jump back, me quicker and hiding behind her back, nudging her forward.

“AHHHH, why are you pushing me forward?” my cousin asks,

“I thought you said you are not afraid of foxes” I reply “I de fear ohh,” she says moving back. Just then a car passes by, horning, trying to help us scare the fox away, but it still doesn’t budge but keeps staring at us.

“OK then, this shoot is over,” I say from behind my cousin, “let’s go before we are fox food, please help me get my slippers and shoes I say” still pushing her forward,

“You are still pushing me to the fox, you want the fox to bite me abi,” she says as she hurriedly picks up our things and we run away all the way to our doorstep only then do we start to laugh. We ended up taking all the pictures in the hallway of my apartment.


Knit @Primark | Trousers @M&S | Boots @Egoshoes | Scarf @Asos | Waist Bag @Photographers


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