Welcome, you have taken the style quiz and found out that your style is the Eccentric Style.

The Eccentric Style Personality has a natural disposition to colour and patterns and knows how to mix and match them accordingly. You love full skirts, quirky prints, and odd shaped dresses. A bright statement coat is a must-have. You are not afraid to stand out in a crowd. You love to have fun with your fashion and aren’t afraid to take risks.

So how do we make you look effortless and well put together? The answer is with your staple pieces.


  • A statement coat
  • The crisp white shirt, I always say this is a must for the stylish woman, have them in different shapes and styles.
  • Printed A-line dress
  • Printed slim trousers
  • Gold high heeled sandals


  • Colourful clutches
  • A statement necklace (brightly coloured)
  • Brightly coloured earrings
  • White Sunglasses


  • Pinks, blues, greens, polka-dots

 Style Inspiration

Whether or not you have mastered your eccentric style, here are some fabulous women who have mastered their style. Giovanna BattagliaElton John, Erykah Badu, and Iris Apfel.


Be you always.

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