Welcome, you have taken the style quiz and found out that your style is the Classic Style.

The Classic Style Personality is simple, clean and traditional but that should not fool you. You will always be elegantly and appropriately dressed for any occasion. The Classic style will always go for a timeless look that is ladylike, classic and tailored.

Most people assume that the classic style is boring and somewhat conservative but I believe the classic style exudes class as the name entails as well as confidence. You are the foundation of fashion and style.

So how do we make you look effortless and well put together? The answer is with your staple pieces.


  • The crisp white shirt; I always say this is a must for the stylish woman, have them in different shapes and styles.
  • The black blazer
  • Black slim trousers, never go bulky or flair, (NEVER)
  • Nude cropped trousers
  • Blue denim, skinny or slim is the way to go
  • Your power suit, to be worn when you want to exude your essence.
  • For those in colder weathers, a black longline coat.


  • Diamond Studs
  • Pearls
  • A classic timepiece


  • Black and nude courts
  • Ballerina
  • Kitten heels (If you have long legs)

 Style Inspiration

Whether or not you have mastered your classic style, here are some fabulous women who have mastered their classic style. Grace Kelly, Kate Middleton, and Katherine Hepburn.


Go for a brightly coloured handbag or scarf to add colour to your ensemble.

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