Welcome, you have taken the style quiz and found out that your style is the Chic Style.

The Chic Style Personality is clean, sleek, and monochrome. You love to emanate power and have a natural fashion sense. You tend to choose black, white and neutral colours when it comes to your clothes and will pair these with statement accessories. Your wardrobe is usually filled with sleek, modern-shapes and banging accessories.

So how do we make you look effortless and well put together? The answer is with your staple pieces.


  • The crisp white shirt, I always say this is a must for the stylish woman, have them in different shapes and styles.
  • The little black dress
  • The little white dress
  • Black slim trousers, never go bulky or flair, (NEVER)
  • For those in colder weathers, a sharp coat with a boxy silhouette.


  • A slim choker
  • A single sculptural cuff
  • Gorgeous handbag
  • Sunglasses (Celine)


  • Go with your feelings

 Style Inspiration

Whether or not you have mastered your chic style, here are some fabulous women who have mastered their style. Victoria Beckham, Lea Seydoux, and Jackie Kennedy.


Never ever follow trends.


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