Taking pictures after one has just been through pregnancy can be really daunting. I went 4 sizes up during mine and have been really self conscious about my body and style.

To be real with you I thought I was the only one going through this phase, no thanks to social media with all the snatching and snap backs. Thanks to my mum who continues to uplift and motivate me, she tells me everyday how good I’m looking and makes me understand the progress I have made so far. I also have an army of women who push me to believe in myself constantly.

I now understand that real women take time to get back to their pre baby bodies and that you should continue to love yourself, trust the process and enjoy it.

My transition wardrobe as I work towards my pre pregnancy body is filled with loose stylish prints like the one below which helping in masking your diminishing but not yet gone tummy, pair with sneakers if you are going out with baby or a stylish pair of not so high sandals, add your accessories as usual and you are set to take on the stylish world.

Find below details of my outfit.

Sunglasses – Louis Vutton (similar)

Earrings – Aldo (similar)

Pink Print Gown – Elyon Couture

Bracelets – A mix and match

Ring- Mummy’s Accessory Box

Bag – Aldo (similar)

Sneakers – Guess (similar)


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