Leaves are slowly turning amber brown and mustard yellow and soon will be falling from branches, while the temperature drops, we are officially in Autumn/Fall. I must say that London had been good this year with regards to the summer season; yeah we had those 4 – 5 weeks of extreme heat when I thought I was going to lose my mind (the flies didn’t help either), you should have seen me, fly swatter in hand, my family started calling warrior of Flankanda but at least we had a lot of sun. You know London has this reputation of “it’s summer” but will still have eyebrow arched temperatures if you get what I mean. This summertime, the weather was hot, sticky, tiring, burning but we loved it and those memories will take us through the long and dark winter nights ahead. Enough about summer, let’s talk autumn, autumn fashion and what we love about this time of the year. For my warmer weather babes, please bear with us, we love you and we will talk about styles that you can incorporate for your climate.


For me, autumn is all about layering. Why? You can step out of your house in the morning to a 12-degree temperature and by the time you get to your destination, you are either hitting temps which are considerably higher or lower than what you started with, this is where layering comes in. You can either take off pieces you have on or pile more on. My typical autumn outfit would be a pair of black denim trousers, a lightweight sweater (it could be any colour, but mostly black for me), a blazer, my coat in my hand, and ankle boots. If I am in the mood for a dress, I would go for an A-line sleeveless dress, a turtleneck lightweight sweater, a pair of tights, ankle boots and my coat in hand.

Own autumn baby girl, strut out in your creations and mixtures, this is the time to experiment with textures, colours, and clothing and do you know why? Because if you feel uncomfortable with your ensemble you can always throw your jacket/coat on and still feel fabulous.


I am obsessed with this rust coloured everything I am seeing everywhere. I have bought this colour in a blazer, knitwear, skirt, a dress, and even tights. it’s my favorite colour for this season.

Another favorite is corduroy. It’s so funny because some fifteen years ago if I was told to wear corduroy, I would have fumed, rolled my eyes and said a big NO, but see me today, corduroy is in my closet and in two colours for that matter, rust, and blue. Mango has some very snazzy corduroy suits, my corduroy is from Primark and they look amazing on(Pictures will come later).

Corduroy structured blazer

Mango Corduroy

I am also digging on colourful tights this season, I used to wear these in 2010, who knew they would make a comeback. Get ready, it’s bright lights, NEON, and action.

I also love the monochrome look, it’s always been a favourite of mine, so adorning it this autumn period with my knits and bottoms is something I am looking forward to.

Valentino 2018 Autumn/Winter Collection

So these are all the fashion and style bits to look forward to this season, please do comment and let me know how you will create and style your looks.




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