To be honest with you I can’t say I was always fashionable, No, My mother tried but all fell on deaf ears.

Fashion and style found me when I was in my mid twenties and all of a sudden there was this rush for the perfect skirt to go with that amazing top. I found shopping, I found shoes and then I fell in love.

My love for shoes is not a secret to those who know me and you will find out through the course of this blog. Shoes are life.

So how does one become stylish?

Find a style that works for you and own it. Check out this Style Questionnaire to find out what Style Personality you are.  Invest in key pieces like a nice pair of shoes; accessories speak a lot to invest in those too. Be confident, own your look and think nobody does it better than you do.

This is what I did and as I became more comfortable with this stylish self of mine, I started experimenting and built myself from there.

As we all know, in fashion, seasons come and go and trends last for a minute and a half. My advice is, do not ride every trend wagon that suddenly becomes the fad. Trust me, you will thank me for this. Be interested in the trends but pick pieces that you know will last the test of time. This is what I usually do.

If you feel all this is daunting or when you look into your wardrobe you just can’t seem to find what to wear or you wander aimlessly when you go clothes shopping, don’t worry I am here to help. I’ll put you through key pieces you can incorporate into your wardrobe and help you realise what works for you or not.

You are stylish, just believe in yourself.

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