Spring means rain, flowers budding, birds chirping and in the olden days, the time for debutants to be presented to society.

In fashion, think pastel colours, florals and anything to keep the rain from soaking you deep.

To me, spring means letting go of those chunky winter jumpers and coats and delving into some less warmer styles. During spring here in London, I like to experiment with my layering because you just can’t tell how the day will end up.

So How Does One Dress For Spring?

Think Pastel

Pastel Colours are colours that have high value and low saturation; this is in terms of the HSV colour model. They are usually described as soothing, soft, de-saturated and lacking strong colourful/hue content. Example of pastel colours are baby pink, lavender, baby blue, soft yellow etc.

I love Rihanna and this baby pink suit says it all for me. It is classy, timeless and exquisite. Remember what I said earlier, always go for style pieces that last the test of time.

Below you’ll find my favourite pieces of the year.

zara baby pink suit

asos baby blue lace dress


nasty girl mint dress




mango lilac combo

Floral Freedom

Sometimes thinking floral takes your mind to your grandmother’s curtains or that grand aunty’s Sunday’s best, but wearing floral can be chic and sophisticated if done right. See Beyonce’s easter look below, Amazing.


Here are my favourite looks for this season

Saving Face In The Rain

Spring brings rain but this doesn’t mean you should paddle in the puddles looking like a hot mess, stay stylish with my favourite kind of raincoat.

street style from Pinterest

See throughs are stylish and allow for your wonderful ensemble to be seen by the public.

Get these below if interested





So these are my spring style suggestions, have fun and believe in yourself.

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